Picture The Person

Calling all those who hold a deep desire to experience other countries, and all those who have answered that call. 

Set up to reveal the amazing varieties of life found at the other end of the rainbow(or more commonly at the end of a flight) in hopes of inspiring more to take the leap of faith from the arms of home comforts even if, like me, that means by yourself. If you wait for someone to come with you, you may be waiting forever! If you love the diverse world we have been blessed with and take a small thrill from the amusing awkward encounters of others(and can hopefully refrain from repeating them yourself) then sit back and enjoy!  Whilst this is currently a tiny ant in the endless jungle, maybe one day I’ll progress up the food chain to bare the stripes of the ferociously majestic tiger through the inspiration handed to me in everyday travellen life!

Solo strengthens the soul. At least, that’s what the little voice belonging to my inner fearless wanderer keeps reminding the butterflies that flitter around my stomach each and every time I find myself questioning my sanity, may that be whist the plane begins to descend or when vigurously trying to make sense of where I am or what is happening. Yet it’s the thrill(fear) of unknown discoveries that trail me back through more and more questionable situations, the tremendous topography *geography student alert* and charming characters encountered making it forever worth my while.

Many from the northern British city in the outskirts of which I grew up find great comfort in their norms and refrain from leaving their safe circles of life(to which they respond to the knowledge of my future travel plans with “You’re brave, Ellen”). My dad planted the seed of adventure within from the begining through reminding me countless times how he trekked through the plains of Africa for six months in his twenties, or about that time in Bolivia he smoked some unknown substance with a native tribe in the thick of the jungle etc etc.  That seed has sprouted and bloomed into this twenty year old (in between my uni schedule) budget-frequent-flyer!